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We have already invested funds in Kaohsiung Export Processing Zone (K.E.P.Z.) to establish a plant complied with the regulations of Taiwan’s medical device GMP and a factory producing products of cosmetic grade Hyaluronic acid. It has gone into production for years and been sold in the worldwide. We have completed three core technologies as follows:

1. DNA relationship identification and diagnosis technology: It is the first domestic DNA relationship identification technology certified by TAF-CNLA DNA relationship laboratory in Taiwan.
2. The technological development of Taiwanofungus camphoratus: It is the first biotechnology developing healthy food which combines Taiwanofungus camphoratus with Hyaluronic acid in Taiwan.
3. The technological development of Hyaluronic acid products: It is the only biotechnology that is subsidized by Leading Innovative Product Research and Development Program, “Medical Grade Hyaluronic Acid”, of Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs.
1. Enhancement of technology: Using self-researched Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid Platform (CHAP) to develop Hyaluronic acid medical products, such as Dermal Implant and Synovial Fluid Supplement
2. Product certification: CE certification and GMP certification
3. Expansion of marketing channel: Construction of global marketing channels


4. Promotion of listed company: Listed in 2013 (Stock Symbol 1786)
1.Technological innovation: New field of medical application for Hyaluronic acid development
2.Resource integration: Talented people in disciplinary research, integration of technology and resource, maintenance of strong competitiveness and a solid foundation of sustainable development
3.Product Certification: FDA certification